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Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole for humanity in our current times? Have a look through Take the Red Pill Videos:


[I do not 100% believe or support the views of everything on this site, but rather share this alternative information as a catalyst, so people can decide what to believe and what is true for themselves.]


Awakening to the Truth - Take the Red Pill Videos


Malcolm X


Noam Chomsky – The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine


Noam Chomsky – Manufacturing Consent


George Carlin – You Have No Choice


Ricky Gervais Exposes Hollywood


The Fallacies of Germ Theory with Dr. Thomas Cowan


George Carlin on Germs & the Immune System


Bite-Sized Awakening Videos


Herd Mentality – The Asch Experiment


The Great Dictator Speech by Charlie Chaplin



The Truth is being Inverted


The Catalyst to Awaken Humanity


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Be Your Own Saviour - Take the Red Pill Videos


We Are Responsible For The State of The World e1596341188321 - Take the Red Pill Videos


Love is Your Bridge of Connection - Take the Red Pill Videos


Spiritual Bypassing - Take the Red Pill Videos


The Great Divide e1597440586182 - Take the Red Pill Videos


Awaken From Within Coaching Healing


Gandalf The Great Awakening - Take the Red Pill Videos



I want to make it clear that I am not sharing all this information in a panicked state to promote fear and negativity. This is not my intention at all. While a lot of what I share may be hard for many to digest or even to believe, the truth is this is our current reality and it is hidden from most of us who rely solely on the mainstream narrative. Everything shared impacts us all and the future of humanity.

This is not a time to be ignorant, or in denial, or bypass with positivity. This is not a time to let Fear be your virtue either. I believe one day things will be better and we will reach a more united and compassionate society. But we are not there yet, far from it. We will not get there if we are unwilling to see the real truth of our society as it currently is and are not ready to accept this. We will not get there if we can’t even look at our own shadows and the shadows of humanity at large. To integrate the Fear and Darkness with the Love and Light that is within us all. The darkest hour is before the dawn. Humanity is entering darker times and needs to purge. The only way out is through. The Great Awakening of our time has already begun…….What part do you want to play now and in the years to come?


No one has all the Answers and knows the ultimate Truth


Explore These Youtube Channels:

I recommend you visit and explore these YouTube channels to find out what resonates for you and to uncover deeper Truths. I have researched, followed, and explored many Teachers of old and current times where I later discovered ulterior motives behind their work. We are all Human Beings, we all make mistakes, and none of us are perfect or have all the answers. It is important we use our inner-discernment to determine who we listen to and follow. Another person’s Truth that resonates within us is like a missing piece we can add to our jigsaw puzzle, where that piece on its own does not know the ultimate Truth, but more just a unique perspective of it. I resonate with those who can challenge my perspectives, open my heart and mind, and who exude authenticity and Love. I share with you just some of the great Wayshowers, Paradigm Breakers, Reality Revealers, Sovereign Teachers, and New Earth Promoters I have come across in our current time.

[Be warned many of the things revealed and shared will trigger your ego and emotions, may overwhelm and confuse you, shatter your old beliefs on reality, and help you peer through the veil of Truth. These messengers all resonate with Love and serve Humanity to Awaken in their unique way. Believe what you choose to believe and discard anything that does not currently serve you. Utilise this information as a catalyst to help you explore and grow further on your personal journey.]


Charlie Freak: FreakSense TV

Charlie Ward: The Charlie Ward Show

Chris & Sheree Geo: Beyond the Veil

Dolores Cannon

JC Kay: Quantum Truths

Lorie Ladd: Teachings on Ascension

Magenta Pixie


The Great Awakening of Our Time11 e1596069218423 - Take the Red Pill Videos