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Is there any hope for Humanity - Healing Humanity Videos


A collection Videos on Healing Humanity that are more relevant today than ever:


[I do not 100% believe or support the views of everything on this site, but rather share this alternative information as a catalyst, so people can decide what to believe and what is true for themselves.]


We Are Living at a Crossroads


It’s Time for Change


The Eagle and Condor Prophecy


Tired of The Mask


Emotional Intelligence & Expanding Your Awareness


A Society Perceived Through Fear


No matter what you believe in this is still a fascinating perspective to consider


Preparing for 2021 – Lorie Ladd


Three Waves of Volunteers in the New Earth – Dolores Cannon


War Being Waged on Consciousness – JC Kay


Interview with Dr. Zach Bush is most Informative & Insightful (click to enlarge)


The Ubuntu Liberation Movement


Thrive: What on Earth Would It Take?


The Cinema of Terrence Mallick


On the Nature of Daylight – Max Richter


Heal The World – Michael Jackson


Spirit Bird – Xavier Rudd


Also see the Collection of Quotes & Writings on Healing Humanity


Future Direction of Humanity

The world does not operate as we have been told. Take the Red Pill and prepare for what is unfolding. This is not going away, it is time to wake up. Now is the moment to pay the most attention and share the hidden truth with each other while we still can. To support each other in questioning the mainstream narrative and make sure we express our beliefs and visions for a better world. If enough of us make small changes on a micro-level this will have an impact on the macro-level of the world. Or we can choose to stay asleep and pretend all is well and going back to normal, whatever that was?
Thank you to all those already sharing and speaking up against what is occurring. You have inspired me to do the same. It takes a lot of courage to step out of our comfort zone and do this. I choose for my conscience to be clear in the end and to live by my truth. There is no saviour coming for us. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We all have our part to play in Healing Humanity.

United We Stand Divided We Fall

**The original Facebook Groups sharing Truth, Unity, Freedom, & Love have already been removed. Join any of these Groups with the same vision:

Uniting for Australian Freedom

Quantum Truths: The Great Awakening and Beyond Group (original taken down)

Quantum Truths: JC Kay (MeWe)

Shine Through the Darkness All Around You - Healing Humanity Videos


Walking Each Other Home

Healing Humanity

Awaken From Within Coaching Healing


The World is a Stage on Our Perceptions

The Great Awakening of Our Time11 e1596069218423 - Healing Humanity Videos