May 26, 2020
I Want to Beleive
I Want to Believe
June 10, 2020

A Walk in the Woods

Early morning sunrise. Golden light beams hitting the window. Reflecting vibrant colours in a symphony of light. What a sight to behold. The plants are being fed once more. Flowers are starting to blossom, gently unfolding. Spreading love to eyes embraced.

The anticipation building in the car as we set out to a new destination uncharted. Palms becoming sweaty in anticipation. I seldom ponder if I have any relation to the frog line. Not just because of my fascination with these squishy bundles of green, but for how we share moist, sticky skin in these moments. As I wait patiently in the car, I remember a past encounter with a rock wallaby thumping the ground. Sending shock waves of vibration entering my soles as I am frozen in time. Feeling instantly connected and captivated. Eyes affixed to the black fur coats wild venture dancing in the wilderness.

We arrive at our stop, quick relief at the hung toilets. We begin to walk. Shoes crunching on the gravel and twigs, forming a paste with nature’s skin. Fresh crisp air breathed in, hands and ears already frozen. The sun not yet high enough to break the gorge. Wow I have waited long for this. I am already in bliss. The stream is rushing by our side. We continue to stride onward, one step at a time. I have never been here before, yet this is a place I already adore.

We jump over the stepping stones, encased by clear and still waters. The sun is now peaking through the tall trees. Then a change of scenery as the river opens widely. We balance on more rocks to make haste across the body of water. The sun now rising to warm our faces and light up the beauty all round. White cockatoos flying high above. Screeching a familiar voice of these wild, untamed lands.

The track now shifts to a steep incline. Hearts beating faster. Lungs panting quicker as we ascend slowly above the gorge. Our legs growing heavy as they attempt to drag and lift our slumping bodies on this slope that never ends. When hope is starting to fade, out of nowhere the path finally calms down and steadies revealing a wonderful site.  A green forest overlaying these peaks, with no bald patches to be seen on this mountain’s head. The last of the morning dew entering the vapours to form clouds anew. Not enough to blemish the blue sky overhead.

How marvellous the complex cycles of nature are. Interconnected and all working together in harmony and balance. What are the odds of me being able to view this spectacular sight in this moment? I am reminded once again how lucky I am to be here. To be a part of it all. To be home.


~ Written By Justin Bose © ~

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Justin Bose
Justin Bose
Justin Bose helps people awaken from within with Coaching and Healing, so they can thrive in this new paradigm of life. He is an explorer of the self and shares his inquiry of what it is to be human in a collection of his Awakening Writings and Bite-Sized Videos. He continues to ponder the collective journey for humanity in our current times.

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