We are the misfits
We Are The Misfits
May 12, 2020

Where is the Sunlight?

Grey clouds lay forever in our sight.

No sign of coherence, no permittance of light.

How long must we linger in this murky shallow?

Refusing to drift, hesitant breeze among the willow.

Yet the rains fall sparsely gnawing at the sediment of our laden past.

To little to abate our fiery rampage; how long can we last?

The nights grow darker, the incessant screams unheard.

How much turbulence is necessary, can being become anymore absurd?

Must it take a lurid plague to pervade our estranged lands?

To impress our disunity, lack of solidarity, nay plans.

Are we only here to ravage what remains?

Pierce our brethren, covering up our stains.

Is there any hope we can walk our shadows and carry us forward beyond demise?

Coming together as one vision, to anchor the sunlight and beam our collective cries.


~ Written By Justin Bose © ~

*This poem may be republished provided authors name is mentioned with link to www.justinbose.com

Justin Bose
Justin Bose
Justin Bose helps people awaken from within with Coaching and Healing, so they can thrive in this new paradigm of life. He is an explorer of the self and shares his inquiry of what it is to be human in a collection of his Awakening Writings and Bite-Sized Videos. He continues to ponder the collective journey for humanity in our current times.

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  1. Tyson says:

    Very inspiring for me during these current times of major shifts in all of our lives…

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