Grey Clouds
Where is the Sunlight?
April 26, 2020
May 26, 2020

We Are The Misfits

We are the misfits, endlessly abiding, always misunderstood.

Struggling to skim the surface, preferring to dive deep in the uncharted.

We are the square pegs that don’t fit into round holes, the oddball brotherhood.

Mistaken for being shy, our perception is often beyond frivolity.

We are the freaks, the geeky, the ugly duckling sort.

It is easy to take advantage of us, our hearts are open widely.

We are the daydreamers, the empaths, the sensitive troupe.

Not making a lot of noise around others, our cans are never empty.

We are the fish out of water, the kooky, the weird in the group.

Spending a lot of time with ourselves, we know the depths of who we are.

We are the introverts, the strange and peculiar type.

Feeling the suffering and pain of others, no matter how far.

We are the good listeners, the open-minded, the kindest of our time.

With an inner strength beyond compare, our resolve is to be revered.

We are the artists, the wayshowers, the carers in the front line.

Persevering through the destruction, we haul humanity onward, eternally moving gently towards our prime.


~ Written By Justin Bose © ~

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Justin Bose
Justin Bose
Justin Bose helps people awaken from within with Coaching and Healing, so they can thrive in this new paradigm of life. He is an explorer of the self and shares his inquiry of what it is to be human in a collection of his Awakening Writings and Bite-Sized Videos. He continues to ponder the collective journey for humanity in our current times.

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