The Great Awakening of our Time
The Great Awakening of our Time
August 21, 2020

Changing the World

If I could change the world I would start by listening to my heart’s desire.

Children would be encouraged to nurture their passions; a teachers main role would be to inspire.

There would be no more focus on any labels because we are not defined by our culture, colour, or sexuality.

Instead, finding the connection between all our differences would be the new model for our identity.

Modern day slavery would come to an end, with no more compulsion for profits above all of humanity.

There would be no more centralised control from overlords, so we can hold onto the remnants of our sanity.

Collaboration would cause our communities to thrive, with everyone now playing their part.

Less focus on money and outdated survival of the fittest mindsets, so we can all have a fresh start.

Wealth would be redistributed, so poverty and starvation cannot exist any more.

Large monopoly corporations would have no place in a society where everyone can now soar.

Fruits and vegetables would be abundantly grown in everyone’s yards and streets, with sharing now becoming the new norm.

Community leaders would be replaced by our chosen elders who congregate en masse to help the world transform.

So we can clean this planet and restore nature to her former glory.

Rehabilitate those in trauma and prepare humanity for a new story.

Renewable free energy would be available for all, and technology would now aid us to live in unity.

The medical system would focus on true natural healing on all levels of an individual and community.

There would be no more need to compete for superiority. No more hierarchy, for we would all be treated as one.

For this new world would be a utopian society. A renaissance of love under the sun.

While all this may just be a pipe dream of mine, ask yourself what does your soul say to all these words spoken?

Just imagine all the people coming together one day. Even though they try and destroy all hope, this vision for a better world will never be broken.


~ Written By Justin Bose © ~

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Justin Bose
Justin Bose
Justin Bose helps people awaken from within with Coaching and Healing, so they can thrive in this new paradigm of life. He is an explorer of the self and shares his inquiry of what it is to be human in a collection of his Awakening Writings and Bite-Sized Videos. He continues to ponder the collective journey for humanity in our current times.

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